Effects of confidential access to oral contraception in late adolescence on work and earnings
Forthcoming: Journal of Labor Economics


Age of majority and early accumulation of human capital by sex in Australia
With Ishita Chatterjee of The University of Western Australia
Directed Technical Change: a Macro Perspective on Life Cycle Earnings Profiles
With Robert Tamura and Michal Jerzmanowski of Clemson University
The effect of lower ages of majority on oral contraceptive use: Evidence on the internal validity of The Power of the Pill


Persistent differences in home ownership across HOLC grade borders
With Lauren Barnett and Kathleen Greer (Birmingham-Southern College)
Difference-in-differences estimates by levels of a moderator: Bias, prevalence in published research, and a proposed solution
With Leo Rossi
Economics and ethics: The Impact of government integrity on macroeconomic performance and inequality
With Kristine Principe of Niagara University